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About Me

To introduce myself, I am a student with a passion for movies, music, and video games.

I am a 20-year video game hobbyist who began playing at age 3 and never looked back. I was first introduced to the Atari at that time, and then slowly began getting hooked through multiple replays of the Sonic the Hedgehog games on Sega Genesis. I remember waiting for school to be cancelled so I could play through that series from 1 through Sonic and Knuckles. Looking back, that was when the hobby took hold, knowing that at that time (and even still now) I can remember where the vast majority of secret extra lives were hidden in those games. I really began getting into the vast majority of the gaming world when the Playstation came out. A little while after was when I got an N64, and I never went back to owning one console. I was hooked. Now, I am still a major gaming enthusiast owning all currently available consoles and handhelds. I play a variety of games, with my personal favorites being RPGs, adventure, and shooters.

I am also a musician (guitar/bass/keyboards), playing for 11 years, and recording music that combines different genres. I am currently most heavily involved in Arbor Atlantic, an alternative rock group that blends other genres to create a unique sound. Since starting that project, I have gotten away from doing my side/solo project, Tour de Force, which focused solely on the post-rock genre. I have a taste for many different styles of music, ranging from post-rock to indie to metal to classical to alternative, and always look forward to listening to a new album or group.


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