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Can “Elysium” Reach the Heights of “District 9”?

District 9 has earned a spot in my collection of great science fiction films. It was showered with critical praise upon release and was a refreshing entry into the sci-fi genre. Now, director Neill Blomkamp is following-up his incredible first work with Elysium, a film revolving around a decrepite Earth and a space station paradise. As in District 9, Blomkamp has made a tension here between two groups, the group of priveliged humans living on the space station and those stuck on Earth – a class struggle instead of an interracial one. With Matt Damon starring, I have high hopes for another epic sci-fi tale. Judging by the trailer, Elysium seems to be even grander in scope and its views than District 9, with a buffet of striking visuals. The views of the ravaged Earth in the trailer look incredible, and I cannot wait to take another adventure with this talented director when Elysium releases August 9th.


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One thought on “Can “Elysium” Reach the Heights of “District 9”?

  1. I loved District 9 and this film actually looks really good. I’m not a hug sic-fi person, but I’m excited for this one!

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