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A Lot Like Birds – “Conversation Piece” – Album Review

A Lot Like Birds - Conversation Piece

Sacramento-based, post-hardcore group, A Lot Like Birds, are a unique bunch. With their addition of vocalist Kurt Travis, formerly of Dance Gavin Dance, they released “Conversation Piece” in late 2011. On this album, the group takes the more experimental approach to post-hardcore that groups like Dance Gavin Dance and Closure in Moscow are known for, and combines a wide variety of influences and styles (from the Red Hot Chili Peppers, to the Mars Volta, to post rock) to create an original sound that pioneers new territory for the genre.

I must say that the album as a whole is absolutely phenomenal. The unusual approach to the post-hardcore genre is refreshing, with some really odd breakdowns, nice vocal harmonies/dual sections, and great instrument work and song progression. From beginning to end, this album is constantly shifting and offering something new with each song. Check out “The Blowtorch is Applied to the Sugar” below (my personal favorite track) for an example of the great vocals, musicianship, and song structure the group is capable of:

“Conversation Piece” is an unusual album that took me by surprise. The use of various musical styles combined with an interesting take on the post-hardcore genre makes this effort stand out amongst the crowd. Any post-hardcore or even alternative music fan would likely enjoy this one, while those fans of Dance Gavin Dance or Closure in Moscow will find themselves right at home with this group. Overall, A Lot Like Birds have crafted a refreshing album, and I will be looking forward to this year’s follow-up.

Final Score: 8.4/10


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