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New “Final Fantasy X HD” Announcement

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If you’re a Final Fantasy fan like me, I’m sure you remember Square-Enix’s big announcement that they would be releasing “Final Fantasy X” for the Vita, fully remastered in HD. I’m sure you also remember never hearing much about it after that, and wondering what is going on with the release. Recent news from Square will make you happy, then. Reports are out that Square has announced that “Final Fantasy X HD” will be releasing for both PS3 and the Vita. To further make your day, the PS3 version of the HD update will be released on disc and include its sequel “Final Fantasy X-2” fully remastered as well. The Vita versions of the titles will be sold separately. With this news, I know I will be looking forward to revisiting Spira when Square finally releases these updates (hoping that the next bit of news will actually be a solid release date). Look for the official announcement on Monday, March 25th, and join me in hoping it contains more info. Is anyone else looking forward to the updated release? IS FFX your favorite Final Fantasy?


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