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The Bipolar Bears – Self-Titled Album Review

The Bipolar Bears Album Cover

Every now and then, I am made aware of a random band, and after hearing some samples, I decide to take a chance on them. Just recently, I read another blog post reviewing the self-titled album by the Austin, Texas-based band, The Bipolar Bears. Soon after, I took that chance – and I am glad I did.

The Bipolar Bears offer an angsty, alt-pop that sits on the border between raw and refined. Sitting comfortably within their genre, the album feels full of confidence for the group, and offers its listeners a solid mix of tracks. As the album moves from track to track, it becomes apparent that there is a wide variety of influences in the group’s music. This makes each track have a unique feel – partially due to varying members of the group writing and performing vocals on different tracks – yet, in the end, there is still a nice consistency to the album as a whole.

Check out the video below for a taste of The Bipolar Bears:

Looking at individual tracks, “The Siren” quickly stands out as my personal favorite. A nice mix of keys, chunky guitar, and solid rhythm make the track an easy recommendation. Tracks like “Half Cigarette” and “I Want You” also stand out for some infectious melodies and pattern changes. There are even some nice brass sections as the album’s latter pieces.

On all the tracks, though, there is solid performances by every group member. It may not be highly technical, but that is not the point – the whole means more than the individual parts. In that respect, The Bipolar Bears have crafted a solid album that manages to have fun, yet feel mature in its execution. Take a chance, and you will likely be pleasantly surprised as I was with this up-and-coming group.

Final Score: 7.8/10


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