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Get Caught Up in the Tide – “Dead Island: Riptide” Just One Month from Release

Most gamers are familiar with the original “Dead Island” trailer. It captivated many with its presentation during its first release and word of the game quickly spread. Despite developer Techland having a shaky track record, “Dead Island” turned out pretty well. Its mix of brutal melee combat and gun-wielding in an open-world zombie island may have received some mixed reviews, but everyone recognized its potential. I was instantly caught up in the co-op piece (with the game allowing users drop-in/drop-out co-op across the whole island and mission list that was identical and linked to the single-player experience) and its great crafting system. Sure, the game could have used some improvements, but there’s no denying that it was a hell of a lot of fun. With the release of “Dead Island: Riptide” just one month away, I have noticed this sequel receiving little hype (outside of a story about the uproar over its original collector’s edition package design). The company began its announcement with another excellent CGI trailer and, assuming they tightened up some loose nuts and bolts from the first game, should be releasing another excellent open-world adventure. I know I’ll be crafting electrified sickles on April 23rd, how about you?


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