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“Drakengard 3” Announced as Playstation 3 Exclusive

Drakengard 3 screenshot

News has surfaced that the third installment in the “Draknegard” series is in development for the Playstation 3. The studio responsible for development is Access Games, a studio containing some of the original “Drakengard” crew members, and creators of the recent cult hit, “Deadly Premonition”. For fans of the series, or its original developers, Cavia (who also developed “Nier”, one of my 10 favorite games), this is an unexpected, but exciting announcement. Those unfamiliar with the series should be prepared for intense ground and air combat involving dragons, combined with a pretty crazy, entertaining story. Knowing that some of the major staff involved in creation of the series are returning for this game should make expectations high that it will do the series justice. Let’s just hope there isn’t any story-affecting censorship in this one.


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