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Shane Carruth’s Next Great Project, “Upstream Color”

Writer/director Shane Carruth might be one of the most ambitious and talented up-and-coming directors of our time. The man single-handedly created “Primer”, a brilliantly directed and intelligently written sci-fi film rooted in the concept of time-travel. It captured the true nature of science fiction and managed to craft a cohesive time-travel story that was completely thrilling and managed to tie up all its loose ends – all the more impressive is that it was shot on a $7,000 budget. “Primer” was released in 2004, and ever since then fans have been waiting for Carruth’s next project. At last, “Upstream Color” is upon us. The film seems to be gathering some buzz behind its experimental techniques, unique direction, and Amy Seimetzs performance. The trailer gives no major insight into its story, yet still manages to really draw you in with a non-linear style. I am eagerly anticipating this film with “Upstream Color” being my most anticipated film until Frank Miller’s follow-up to “Sin City” later this year. If you are looking for something different from the mainstream movie styles or have an appreciation for cinema, I highly encourage you to check this one out. It may not be as ambitious as his future project, “A Topiary” (which I am hoping gets the budget it needs so Carruth can fulfill his vision as it sounds quite awesome), but this should be one of the most interesting films of the year.


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