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Telltale Brings “The Walking Dead” Back for a Second Season

Walking Dead screen

Telltale’s first season of “The Walking Dead” was an absolutely wonderful experience. The story, characters, and environment drew in its audience and forced them into some of the most difficult decision-making seen in a game – resulting in critical acclaim for crafting one of the most intense and involving video game stories in a while. Now, GameInformer reports that Telltale is all set to release its follow-up 2nd Season. Not only was it reported that gamers would be receiving a 2nd Season, but that it would be releasing Q3 of this year. As someone who found the first season to be one of the best games of last year (and one of the most poignant story experiences in a while), I am riding the hype train for this follow-up. If you haven’t played the first season and are any fan of the TV/comic series, or enjoy games with a strong story, check out the first season and I’m sure you’ll be as eagerly anticipating the second series as I am. For anyone who has played Season One, what did you think? Are you ready for Season Two?

For those really interested, word is that Telltale may have a project in the works as a bridge between Seasons One and Two. With the quality of Season One, more “Walking Dead” from this crew can only be a good thing.


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