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Why You Should Watch “Elementary”

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I usually follow a few television series’ at one time – ever since my first experience with a DVR, I’ve never looked back. Still, despite the DVR giving me potential to watch as many shows as time allows, I prefer to follow only a handful of shows to avoid getting bogged down with too many characters and so that I can better enjoy each show’s storyline. That being said, there are a few shows that have really caught my interest and had me anticipating each new episode. Previously, this list included “Dexter”, “The Walking Dead”, and “The Office” (during its first 5 seasons). CBS has now caught my interest with “Elementary” – which now sits atop the list of shows I am currently following.

Despite borrowing an idea for the modernization of Sherlock Holmes from the UK’s “Sherlock”, “Elementary” succeeds as its own entity. The combination of Jonny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu works wonderfully among the New York City setting. The two are great together and help draw the most out of each other’s characters. Further, the back story behind both Holmes and Watson, along with the reason for their current relationship is a nice twist to bring Sherlock into the 21st century.

Lucy Liu and Jonny Lee Miller work wonderfully together as Holmes and Watson.

Lucy Liu and Jonny Lee Miller work wonderfully together as Holmes and Watson.

When you hear the name Sherlock Holmes, you likely immediately think of the classic mysteries and puzzles. This is where I was initially skeptical about the show, but an area that it completely surprised me in. Each episode’s individual case is always cleverly designed and keeps the viewer integrated into the developments. Combined with the continual story of Holmes’ and Watson’s characters, “Elementary” is quickly becoming one hell of a series and easily one of the best new shows on television. With nearly 20 episodes aired, and the season extended to a total of 24 episodes, it seems like “Elementary” won’t be going anywhere anytime soon (I really hope it can keep up its quality through a few more seasons). There is still time to get on the bandwagon and catch up on some of the past 17 episodes from this season before the final few episodes begin to air starting on March 14th. I, for one, am excited to see how this season ends and will be eagerly anticipating a second season.

Has anyone been watching “Elementary”? What do you think about the show’s first season?


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3 thoughts on “Why You Should Watch “Elementary”

  1. shinyreviews on said:

    I actually feel like Sherlock is a much better adaptation of Sherlock Holmes than this show. How do you feel about the show Sherlock?

    • I haven’t seen more than a few episodes of “Sherlock”, though through those I could say that “Sherlock” is certainly a great show, and a more classic and traditional version of a modern day Holmes compared to “Elementary”. Yet, “Elementary” largely differs (and succeeds, in my opinion) in its risks in translating the classic Holmes/Watson duo into modern times. Both shows do feature some top-notch writing, but to me they need to be taken on their own as they approach Holmes from different angles.

  2. I love Elementary!! Perfect combo or serious and funny! I think Miller and Liu play off each other really well and think it’s cool to see a different variation of the story. I love the show Sherlock too-cant get enough no matter how its done!!!

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