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Thoughts on the 85th Annual Academy Awards

85th Academy Awards

Now that the 85th Annual Academy Awards have come to a close, I want to take a quick look back at tonight’s ceremony. On the whole, the show was better than I had anticipated, though I can’t say I agree with some of the awards (everyone has their own favorites). That being said, I’d like to share my thoughts that I had throughout tonight’s show. As these are disjointed, this will be more of a list than a flowing post. Here goes:

    • Starting off, a solid win for Christoph Waltz, an extremely talented actor.
    • I like the move to the “Jaws” theme as the wrap-it-up queue. Idea for next year – keep the music and bring in a “Jaws” recreation that pops out of the stage at the award recipient scaring them off the stage once they ramble a decent amount into the theme song.
    • How did Helen Hunt get nominated for a Supporting Actress Oscar, but John Hawkes didn’t get a Best Actor nod?
    • Also, how did Dwight Henry not get a Best Supporting Actor nod?
    • While I’m on a roll, why is “Cloud Atlas” missing from the nominees, especially in the make-up department? And one nomination for “Moonrise Kingdom”? Seriously?
    • Shirley Bassey nailed “Goldfinger”, even now, so many years after her original Bond recordings. Enjoyed her much more than Adele (who still did a decent job with the vocally underwhelming “Skyfall” theme)
    • Speaking of singing, the cast of “Les Miserables” did a nice job live….. Russell Crowe, not so much (please, Russell, stop singing)
    • A tie for sound editing? How does the Academy not pick one winner. If there was a tie vote, then I think they should have a second vote removing the other nominees. If that still ends in a tie, or all else fails, have the two nominees have an on-stage contest of some sort to decide who wins – joust, rock-paper-scissors, something…
    • I’m glad “Lincoln” didn’t sweep the awards like I was anticipating. Personally, I am not a fan of Daniel Day Lewis’ voice, nor Tommy Lee Jones’ completely fake-looking hairstyle.
    • And yet, for some reason, “Life of Pi” played the role I thought “Lincoln” would have occupied in receiving a bombardment of awards. I still don’t understand why the film received so much praise.
    • Seth MacFarlane was actually a decent host. With the downhill slope “Family Guy” has been on for a while, I was unsure how he would do, but I really didn’t mind him.
    • Nothing against Jennifer Lawrence (a talented actress), but I’d take any other nominee in that category before her to win Best Actress for their roles.
    • Continuing on the leading roles, I have to say that the group of nominees for Best Actor was weak this year (in my opinion). Out of the given group, I’d take Jackman easily…. Still, this was Hawkes’ award.
    • Jack Nicholson is crazy, as always.
    • Finally, at least “Argo” won Best Picture ahead of “Lincoln” and “Life of Pi”. Still would’ve taken “Beasts of the Southern Wild” any day, but not bad, Academy.

There you have some of my random thoughts on the Oscar ceremony. I hope you enjoyed the show, and hopefully, some of your favorite films won. Let me know which of your favorites won and who you thought should have won in the comments.


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