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Anticipation for The Dear Hunter’s Upcoming Album, “Migrant”

It is no secret that I am a big fan of The Dear Hunter. Anything Casey Crescenzo seems to do musically is gold – the guy has a Midas touch. With their new album, “Migrant”, releasing April 2nd, there has been a leak/release of one of the album’s tracks called “Whisper”. You can check out the song below:

I didn’t know what to expect from the group after their recent departure from the “Acts” with their last, highly ambitious release, “The Color Spectrum”. There was a nice break from the usual Dear Hunter style, yet still retained the essence of the group’s musical talent for creating incredible music. With this first track, I can safely say that this is my most anticipated music release this year. These guys can seemingly do no wrong – from Casey’s vocal talent, Nick’s creative and skillful drumming, and the wonderful progressions and fullness of each song. “Whisper” may be fairly straightforward, but there are very few groups out there right now with the ability to make such intelligently designed, intricately layered, and beautifully melodic music. If you haven’t listened to or haven’t heard of The Dear Hunter, do your ears a favor and check out their previous works and be prepared for what will surely be another great release from the group on April 2nd.


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