Reviews and articles on movies, music, video games, and more

Day 1 Intro


For a while now, I’ve wanted to start a blog to begin to talk about my thoughts regarding current entertainment releases. Having a passion for entertainment, particularly including music, movies, and video games, I always have an urge to review/discuss each release I experience. This blog enables me to share my thoughts following each one. I am by no means a professional journalist/critic, however, I do have some experience in each of the mentioned fields as a 20-year video game hobbyist playing since the age of 3, and an active recording musician finishing up a new project. Feel free to visit the “About Me” page for more info.

As for the posts, I plan on reviewing each new movie, game, and album I experience, and providing a rating for each one. I will also be discussing random topics/items (mostly) related to the above. As a general rule, I will give each item I review a score out of 10. Movies and music will be given one final score, while games will be broken down into categories first (story, graphics, sound, and gameplay), then given the final score out of 10.

Please feel free to provide feedback, and I will look forward to any discussion regarding the items I review, or any that you may think are relevant.


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